Trixie's Speakeasy for LLS​​

HollyHedge Estate, New Hope, Pa
October 23rd, 2018   6 - 10 PM


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Tickets  are a  suggested
              $100 donation 
                 per person                
    * Entertainment by
              Michael   Arenella 
    * Step and repeat red carpet
    * Signature drinks and bar
    * Hors d'oeuvres  & dessert
Silent auction-raffle tickets will be available for purchase during the event!

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​​If you are unable to join us at the event, please feel free to still donate to the LLS!​​
Tickets or donations are available online or in person with Trixie ( Tricia Dolan)
(Checks are to be made out to Trixie's Speakeasy)

Please contact me to the right if wanting to purchase in person so to  secure your spot on the list

Tickets are limited as to ensure an intimate affair

Online tickets, will be sent a confirmation and the tickets

Donate directly the LLS​ and ask your employer to match it. Any donations directly thru LLS, please send me the copy of reciept, donate to in
"Honor of Trixie's Speakeasy"